My photographic services are available as a bespoke service to people who are time poor and want a service to travel to or with them. These clients prefer not to travel to any existing pre - booked destinations or indeed share them with even a small group of people they do not know. They may seek discretion and privacy or prefer the very best accommodation.

They may have their own premises whether it is a location in the UK or abroad, their yacht or a destination of their choosing. They might be participants at Goodwood, competing in the Macau Grand Prix, be racehorse owners or just at leisure in their holiday villa. They may want their immediate family to be involved or just want a one to one for a day or two or longer. They may run multi-nationals and want to run a workshop for senior management to help with team bonding or as an incentive to entertain clients and or their wives on overseas business trips. Whatever their interest or location I will travel to them with whatever professional equipment is required to help them achieve how or what they want to photograph. I can then help them print up their work and frame it if they wish, as a memento, a gift or as home wall or office artwork.

My studio can arrange other services as required: stylists, make up artists, props and whatever the brief requires. This level of service ensures that a client gets the most attentive and professional help in understanding the particular complexities of the shoot. We help clients learn to see as opposed to just look and understand how to interpret that through professional equipment and lenses in order to take a good photograph. They will also learn how to make the most of natural lighting, exposure control and how to then easily download and manipulate the image onto the workshops' Apple laptop computers and if required the way to use simplified Photoshop software.

We can also arrange opportunities for clients to take photographs in locations that are hard to access so that they can really test out their photographic skills and get an experience that they will really remember – and capture.

From the pit lane of a grand prix, to racing around the Nuremburg ring, to the rodeo corall of a cattle ranch or in the African bush on a camel safari, to dog sledging in the Arctic circle and by any form of private, charter transport they request.

Recent requests have included weekend trips to Venice, the Riviera, Paris and the Scottish highlands, a discreet wedding in a client’s French Chateaux and an off-road motorcycle expedition through the southern Morocco sand dunes, staying at the very best accommodation available over eight days.

Fees start from £2500 per day plus all expenses. Costs will include all the local accommodation for our personnel and assistant(s), meals, local travel, transfers, and all destination transportation via business or first class.

The workshop provides Canon 35mm SLR professional digital equipment and Apple laptops for the editing and Photoshop software for re-mastering instruction, unless clients prefer to use their own.

For BESPOKE workshops please contact Michael Potter directly at: